EuroTrip Part Deux – Day 1 – Rome

Some fountain that looks like King Triton

Some fountain that looks like King Triton



Ciao! Okay… Quick post because we’ve been traveling and on the go for over twenty-four hours now and I’m exhausted. We made it to Rome finally after a couple leg journey, although I can’t complain because we did it first class the whole way. Let me tell you, our first class experience deserves a post of its own but I’ll save it because again, I’m one tired signora. So first impressions on Rome… Toto, we’re not in the US anymore. Customs required no form… Simply standing in line to finally come to a custom officer’s booth who is casually smoking his cig and waves me through. I’m pretty sure he didn’t look at my passport but sure, he can take my word for it. I’m an American tourist… I’m here to tour and probably spend some moolah. They like that. Once we got our bags we were then bombarded by a bunch of aggressive porters/cab drivers who are ready to take us wherever we needed to go (and hopefully not to a rural field to take us for all we’re worth). I noticed most of the guys outside looked like Jersey Shore counterparts in Italy, chain-smoking their cigs. Italy… I have arrived! Once we got in the cab to take us to the hotel, I was entertained, although pretty sure we might not live to make it to check in. Our cab driver was insane-o… Honking and tailing other cars, probably going ninety on the highway. I had to close my eyes at certain points. But we arrived and were left amused. Rome makes the drivers  in NYC look like tame pussy cats. No joke. We arrived to our super Star Trek looking, Euro-style hotel room and prepared to go to dinner and stop by the Trevi fountain. We took the subway and I noticed a lot of women wear scrunchies in their hair here. People also speak Italian so fast that I mix it up with Spanish, except Italian words end in a lot of ‘i’s instead of ‘a’s and ‘o’s and they smoke a ton of cigarettes. I’m going to go ahead and say that’s Europe for you! Anywho we found a cute restaurant and ate probably the best homemade pasta I’ve had in my life as well as some Shiraz… Never had Shiraz and I have to say, I liked the waiter’s suggestion. Sweet, but not too sweet with a hint of dryness. I was a little over served but it’s vacation!

We ended the night at the Trevi Fountain. Legend has it if you throw a coin in, you are destined to return again to Rome in the future. Todd loves his points so it’s definitely a possibility. The fountain was under construction but you can still throw coins in so we did while a man who wanted to be paid took our picture. Todd didn’t realize the man wanted money for the picture so we took off really fast… We’re not paying someone to take our picture for us. That’s what our selfie stick is for.

So that’s it for tonight! Tomorrow we’ll be hitting up the Vatican and other ruins so I need my beauty sleep. Or I should say “my sleep so I don’t walk around crabby with bitchy resting face” sleep.

Buona sera, everyone!


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