EuroTrip Part Deux – Day 3 – Rome

The bike golf cart Todd almost killed me in while driving through the Borghese park

The bike golf cart Todd almost killed me in while driving through the Borghese park

Spanish Steps... Channeling Roman Holiday

Spanish Steps… Channeling Roman Holiday

The Roman Forum ruins/Palatine Hill

The Roman Forum ruins/Palatine Hill



Nice view of Rome down below

Nice view of Rome down below

Well it’s our last day in Rome.  I think it’s safe to say we ‘Veni Vidi Vici’d’ this great city! Some observations I made: lots of Fiats, lots of smokers, most people speak English, a lot of Asian people, lots of graffiti, very hot in July, not lots of meals with meat sauce… more with just tomato sauce, most drinks not served with ice and lots of Italian cypress trees.

Today we went to the Colosseum.  Luckily we got there and bought our tickets at a decent time so again, we avoided long lines to get it. And today was even hotter than yesterday so I’m glad we didn’t have to wait in that long line. Today was the kind of day that you should deodorant your thighs… Just sayin… Before the site-seeing we stopped in a little cafe and I had a burger. Yes, I did and it was delicious. I’m not crazy… Just trying not to get too burnt out on pizza and pasta because you can get a lot of that here. After lunch we went into the Colosseum and walked around… Pretty crazy to think about the craziness that occurred there during ancient times… Gladiators fighting to the death, people being released to lions to be eaten. I can’t say that if those kinds of things still went on wouldn’t go out of sheer curiosity but I’d also probably report it as some serious human rights violations. Thank God we live in the present day! Anywho the Colosseum was pretty cool and amazingly preserved. I highly suggest. We then headed to the Romam Forum ruins and walked around. Cool sites but the heat was killing us.

We stopped for gelati (or gelato?) and then headed over to the Spanish Steps so I could pretend to be a chubby version of Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday. On the way over our cab driver was playing some Pink Floyd so I quietly rocked out on the inside.

Our last stop of the day was the Villa Borghese house and park. It’s an absolutely beautiful oasis in the middle of Rome that I’m glad we found. We rented a bike ‘golf cart’ which you (or Todd) pedal yourself to get around the massive park. I’m pretty sure he was trying to kill me on the ride but somehow managed to hit the brakes and not hit any other pedestrians or other bike carts on the trail.

So after that ride, I’d had enough excitement for the day. We grabbed a decent dinner and are now wiped out. Heading to Florence early tomorrow morning!


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