EuroTrip Part Deux – Day 4 – Florence

Il Duomo / Our Lady of the Flower Cathedral

Il Duomo / Our Lady of the Flower Cathedral

Florence at sunset

Florence at sunset

View of Florence from our hotel

View of Florence from our hotel

Il Duomo

Il Duomo

We made it to Florence! It was an early day as our train from Rome left at 7:50AM. I am not a morning person so Todd had to entice me with cappuccino and a pastry. I’m like a puppy… I respond well to treats.

It was a quick train ride to Florence… Probably only an hour. On the way there were scenic views of countrysides and several fields of the most yellow sunflowers I’ve ever seen. Much different than the scenery in Rome. We arrived and checked in to our hotel early. Since our room wasn’t ready we walked around Florence and took in the town. Such a charming city! It definitely has the charm Rome lacks (don’t get me wrong… Rome is cool in its own unique way) and is so clean and cute. We stopped for some waters and saw what looked like the most delicious cannolis so we split one… I’ve only had cannolis from Whole Foods (I know, worst Italian ever) and this was f-ing amazing. I could probably live off them for the rest of the trip. Anywho, after that we stumbled on a street market with several vendors selling leather goods. Italy is known for leather so we stopped and looked around. Todd bought a new (Costanza) wallet and I bought a new purse. The sweet lady tried to make a deal and sell me two bags but Todd said no. He doesn’t understand that girls can never have too many purses.

Next we wondered over to the Il Duomo and the Our Lady of the Flower Cathedral. Absolutely gorgeous and ornate. You have to be there. This cathedral also has dress requirements and I had to cover my shoulders. Inside it houses work by Dante (as in Dante’s Inferno) and an intricate fresco within the dome. You can climb to the top of Il Duomo and overlook the city, which Todd did on his own later.  It also housed a Catholic clock. I didn’t know clocks could show a twenty-four hour period but apparently the Catholic Church used to go by this clock as well as their own calendar, starting in March with the feast of the Annunciation. Twelve years of Catholic school and I’m still learning new things!

After we stopped for lunch in the Piazza del Duomo and I ended up getting meat sauce in my spaghetti and ice in my Coke Zero. I was sold. Florence is great!

We went back to our hotel since our room was ready. Much better than our Star Trek room in Rome… This room has its own bathroom in a separate room, as I believe all hotel rooms should (think studio for the Rome hotel). I settled in for a nap since I didn’t sleep well the night before and Todd headed back out to climb to the top of Il Duomo, visit the Ponte Vecchio and take photos around the city.

We ended the evening at happy hour at our hotel. We had drinks on the terrace and watched the sunset over Florence. Sounds romantic but Todd and I are not into PDA. We ended up eating a pricey dinner there too, but only because you can’t beat the view. Now it’s time for bed.

Will post more about Florence tomorrow!


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