Happy First Birthday, Baby Boy!

My doctor said it may have been the barometric pressure that caused you to come three weeks early. Apparently that’s a thing. I’m convinced I walked you out. And we’re not talking about a leisurely walk around the neighborhood; I was on a mission. The final puzzle piece to your nursery was a small side table to put next to your rocking chair. I must’ve waddled around to five different stores that afternoon after work trying to find the perfect one. I even thought to myself, “Please God, do not let my water break inside HomeGoods.” Although that would be fitting for your mom. But I figured, nah I’ll be fine. I still had three weeks to go. 

But you had other plans. That saying is so true… “If you want to make God laugh, make plans.” The house wasn’t cleaned to perfection… I’d just had my call with my back-ups at work that afternoon, but I still needed to wrap things up… I still didn’t have that damn side table. But you were coming regardless of any trivial plans we thought were important. And just like that, everything changed. There you were, all squishy and quiet. You made small, sweet sounds but didn’t cry. Was this normal? Maybe we got one that didn’t cry! Ha! You checked us out and we did the same. We finally met this sweet boy in person and had no clue what was next… I couldn’t stop staring at you. Who are you going to be? 

This past year has been full of adjustments. We still haven’t gotten used to waking up early on weekends or not always having our own time… and we might never get there. But you manage to make those trivial habits of our past just that… trivial. Your personality has shown itself more and more as the months have passed and I continue to love you more and more with each passing day. You are hilarious, with your random outbursts and made-up language. You make a bad day disappear when I pick you up. When you look at me with your big brown eyes, I know your smile is just for me. I’m not used to that feeling and I never want it to go away. You need me but I need you even more. Sometimes you’ll put your face to mine, forehead to forehead and look at me like we have a secret only the two of us share. That’s my favorite thing in the world. You are an amazing, smart, FUNNY, verbal, silly little guy and I’m so proud I was chosen to be your mommy. 

Happy first birthday, Nicholas Lewis! You are truly the light of my life!



The day I went into labor at 37 weeks and one year later. 

The day we met our sweet baby boy. 


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