About ‘Katie Computer’

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Who is ‘Katie Computer?’

‘Katie Computer’ was a nickname coined by my dearly departed brother, Jimmy. He always called me that name in a mocking, nerdy voice as if to say I was nerdy to go with said nickname. It annoyed me, but then again, what older brother doesn’t make it a point to tease his younger sister? And let’s be honest… I am a little nerdy. I own it. Now that Jimmy has passed, I find the name endearing and it only felt appropriate to name this writing project after the nickname he so graciously bestowed upon me.  So that is how ‘Katie Computer’ came to be.  Feel free to say it nasally if you’d like to emulate Jimmy.

I am sure I will go in and re-write this ‘About Me’ section every couple months… I am a true perfectionist and I always like anything I touch to be as close to perfect as possible. I mean if I’m going to take the time to do something, I should give it my best, right?

I was born and raised in the great city of Saint Louis and I lived there until 2010 when I made a brave move ten hours south.  An opportunity presented itself in Dallas, Texas and I figured Saint Louis would always be there if Dallas did not work out.  Now here I am, four years later, engaged and living in the ‘burbs.  If you’re thinking, “There’s a story there,” then you’d be correct.  A lot can happen in four years!

Regarding jobs and dreams, I do think my real calling is as a writer. Even if it’s something as simple as a blog post about my idle Tuesday, lately I’ve been exploring this side of myself as it’s been contained for years. I started this blog in 2013 mainly as a cathartic outlet to help heal from the unexpected death of my brother in late 2012. While I don’t think I will ever fully heal, being able to write about him has helped to externalize my feelings about everything. Since his passing, lots of things have happened and I’m ready to explore other topics outside of Jimmy’s death.  As a thirty-something, I think I have a lot of wisdom and perspective built up in my short life as well some random anecdotes I might throw out there once in awhile.

So sit back, relax and enjoy Katie Computer!



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